"Welcome to the magical theatre, of the strange and fantastic....."
— Professor Gregorious T. Oswald

Full name is Professor Gregorious T. Oswald but is better known as G,  he is the owner of the magical theatre, which housed many plays and told many tales and in this case the tale: "The Perilous Journey of a Boy Named Kutaro". He also hand picked the cast and does the narration for Puppeteer. He however is never shown.

To find the voice actor click: Stephen Greif


G comes off as a very eloquent and gentlemanly figure. However at times he is shown to have a nerdy and immature side.


  • Although he is never seen its hinted several times that he's a very old man, most notably in Lake Cedrus when he gives a speech to Kutaro and Pikarina about how when there as old as he is...