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Puppeteer (PS3)

"I have an eight-year-old son and I was looking for games to play with him, but nowadays you just can’t find games like that. So, completely selfishly, I decided to make a game that I could actually play with my son."
— Gavin Moore


Gavin Moore, creative director of the upcoming Puppeteer for the PlayStation 3, says he wants to be able to play his platform/action game with his kid. A game that’s about a maniacal tyrant who beheads a young boy. A game that takes place in dark, frightening worlds. A game that has tons of spider webs.

And yes, Puppeteer is scary. But it’s scary in a most lighthearted and oftentimes humorous manner. (See page two for more screenshots plus a trailer.) We’d almost call it Tim Burton-esque if Moore didn’t beat us to it.

During a recent press demo, he cited the quirky movie director as one of his biggest inspirations on this particular game, and that got us wondering: What are all the twisted — and dark — sources that influenced Moore and his vision for Puppeteer? We asked, and he offered his thoughts on …


  • Gavin Moore's favorite generals are General Monkey and General Tiger.
  • Gavin Moore, voices Ezma Potts in the early trailers.
  • When asked in an interview if there was anything about the game after it was complete that he would change, Gavin Moore mentioned that he would want to make the game harder, feeling that it wasn't as difficult as he hoped.