General Snake
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Snake appear in Puppeteer (PS3)






Puppeteer (PS3)

Voice By

David Holt

"Thisss time I will CHEW FIRST!"
— General Snake

The third of The Twelve Generals Kutaro must battle. General Snake is the second largest general, next to General Dragon. He was locked under Castle Grizzlestein due to his venom being so incredibly toxic that it can destroy any organic object in a matter of seconds. General Snake is bitter and resentful of his imprisonment, but is still loyal to the Moon Bear King.


A giant serpent. Together with General Dragon, Snake is the largest of the Moon Bear King’s generals. As it was conceived as a toy snake, its body consists of intricate joints, which sometimes appear disconnected during the game.


Snake can easily be considered as one of the stronger and more destructive generals, as his size coupled with his poisonous powers, strengthen by his piece of the Moonstone can easily reduce anything in his path to sand.


General Snake does not appear to have any jobs or command any land, instead spends his days under Castle Grizzlestien and produce toxin for future use. The most likely answer is that General Snake's poison makes itself too dangerous and destructive to let out. 


  • General Snake is the only boss, who's whole battle is in a QTE.
  • As with most of the other generals, he has a Verbal Tic based upon his species. In this case his hiss when using words with S.