He was the ruler of the Moonshine Sea, king of the ocean, and owner of 'Trident Sushi'. That was until his all-powerful Trident, was stolen by the Kraken! On top of that, when the Moon Bear King that heard the trident was stolen, he saw his chance, and ordered Pig and Sheep to pollute the Moonshine Sea with their Magic Oil. The god of the sea could do nothing to stop them, and grew weaker by the Magic Oil as a result. As well as lost control of most his underwater creatures, which went mad under the Magic Oil.

After some time, Kutaro and Pikarina reach the bottom of the sea, where the found the underwater palace, and the sea god. After learning what happen via the mermaids singing, they go forth to face the Kraken and get back his trident. When they return with trident at hand, he was overjoyed!! And uses its power to clean the sea, fix the undersea creatures and restore his power. With the sea blue and back to normal, he thanks Kutaro and gives Calibrus a new power, "one that would make his journey easier" he then calls upon a giant rocket powered squid to bring Kutaro back to the surface, waving goodbye.