The Graveyard
Welcome to the Graveyard


Hallowee Ville


Puppeteer (PS3)

The Graveyard is where the dead is buried. The scariest part of the scariest place in the Moon Realm. It is also where the Church is located and where Kutaro face's the Giant Skeleton and the Grim Reaper Weaver.


A dark and eerie place, filled with tombstones after tombstones, spider webs scattered around, dead trees along with owls and black cats, and full of skeletons, zombies and ghosts!


In order to find the Mayor of Halloween ville, Kutaro and Pikarina, after being told by nebula where her father is, ventured to the graveyard! The so claimed scariest part of the scariest place in the Moon Realm. Amongst the lines of tombstones, still-unburied coffins wiggled obscenely. Kutaro and Pikarina searched the graveyard above ground and below it, cutting throw webs and opening up coffins, dodging zombie hands and even beating a giant Skeleton! After a while however they ran out of places to look, expect that is for the creepy old church smack-dab in the middle. After climbing to its top, they face the scarcest creature in the graveyard, the grim reaper weaver. After beating the weaver and finding the mayors head, much to there surprise. they eventually leave the graveyard as the prepare for monkeys laboratory.