Act 1, Curtain 1

  • "This is my story, so just get to the part where I sound good!"
  • "Kutaro, will you be my friend? Pals to the bitter end?"
  • ha..ha...LAIR!

Act 2, Curtain 1

  • (sleeping) Calibrus...No...My scissors! I don't wants to go back to being--
  • (wakes up) What! Wh-wh-what is going on!
  • What? This had better be important...or else!
  • They what?! Rat is supposed to be guarding that forest. Talk to him!
  • (about Rat) Yes, he would say that, the buffoon! He and Tiger....I'm beginning to think the problem with my Generals is that I have any!
  • Mm-hmm...But this reeks of conspiracy! They steal Calibrus, they escape my they conveniently find the Moonwood... Do you think someone else is pulling the strings?
  • Right, keep a close eye on them. I shall take matters into my own claws.
  • Never fear, you beautiful brute. You just need to find their ringleader. And then, Once you do, you can tear them into tiny, unthreatening little bits.
  • (visits Snake) Put toxin production on hold. Kutaro has been spotted in the Moonwood.
  • Very well. Crush the life out of Kutaro, no matter the cost, and you will be rewarded.

Act 2, Curtain 3

  • Go, Snake! Obliterate the whole Moonwood if you must--just destroy Kutaro!

Act 6, Curtain 1

  • "Monkey? Monkey, where are you! Revisiblate yourself!"
  • "How could you fail me. You, of all my generals!"
  • Your mistakes have cost me the upper hand! If he gets the rest of the White Moonstone-- AND he has Calibrus!

Act 6, Curtain 2

  • "To bear, or not to bear?" Who is that witch?

Act 7, Curtain 3

  • "So you destroyed my castle. Big deal. Who needs a castle when I am already invincible!"
  • I don't need love. My subjects and soldiers and the people of the Moon and children of-- the Earth serve just one purpose — to feed... my... HUNGER!
  • "I'll devour the whole Moon if that's what it take to get rid of you worms!"
  • (As Little Bear):"But without this, I'm nothing. I'd... I'd just be me."