The Moonwood Shrine that stood proudly in the Moonwood were said to house the spirits or gods of the forest. It was also a place of fun and where one could go to cleanse themselves or purify an object of negative karma. Kutaro and Pikarina arrive here shortly after obtaining the ninja's power. But as soon as they arrive, General Rat decides to "spruce up" the place by covering it in Plum Miraculixer, leaving the shrine disgraced and corrupted. Transforming the local lanterns into live, evil, dark versions of their former selves.

First dark lantern

Kutaro fighting the first dark lantern at the first gate.

At the first gate Kutaro face against a Dark Lantern, and after a few beats of the drums and some close calls, managed to snip the ghastly lantern down to size, and returned the shrine back to normal. Upon reaching the second gate, Kutaro found that he will have to repeat himself and take down another yet-larger dark lantern that stood in his way. Ultimately, he defeated it and continued up the shrine.


The bigger dark lantern at the third gate.

Upon the third gate he found a much larger dark lantern that wanted Kutaro gone. Kutaro would have to defeat this one just like the others if he wished to help gain back the shrine's power. After its defeat, fireworks displayed just as it had in the pervious battles after Kutaro cleanse and cleaned the shrine and each gate by defeating the lanterns. Kutaro only had one more to go....

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The Gate Weaver at the end of the Moonwood Shrine.

Finally at the top of the Moonwood shrine, Kutaro found that it was not a dark lantern he had to fight this time, but the giant gate itself which transformed into a Weaver, one of the Moon Bear King's faithful servants which wanted to "beat" Kutaro down and throw him into the fire, or to more precise, have him "join the club". As the Gate Weaver beat the drums, Kutaro turned that against the weaver using the ninja's head power like he did to the lanterns before, and after three big cuts and after releasing all the souls trapped in it. Kutaro destroyed the gate weaver and returned the Moonwood shrine back to normal. The moon folk who hid inside jumped out in joy and began to dance as fireworks lid up the sky.