Outer space
Stuck in space.


Above the Mean Moon Mountains and the Moon Realm


Puppeteer (PS3)

Outer space, or simply Space, is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including the Earth, the sun and the Moon Realm. It is here, in the vast nothingness of space, that Kutaro and Pikarina finally faces off against General Monkey. This is also where they meet Pikarina's father.


After chasing General Monkey to the bottom of a volcano in the Mean Moon Mountains, General Monkey activates his rocket and fly's off to space in order to not get caught! With Kutaro and Pikarina sniping away on this trail. They eventually get some help from Ying-Yang, and find a way to travel though space themselves. They later manage to catch up with General Monkey and with the help of the stars, defeat General Monkey and got the last piece of the moonstone! They later crash into the sun, AKA: Pikarina's father, and after a brief talk were guided back to the moon, so they can restore the goddess and defeat the Moon Bear King.