Pawn Weaver
Pawn Weaver Against Kutaro


Puppeteer (PS3)


Castle Grizzlestein

""It was a Weaver. Out of all the Moon Bear King's nightmarish magical creations Weavers were some of the nastiest.""

The Pawn Weaver is fought in Act 1: Curtain 1. He is the first boss of the game and the first Weaver encountered due to guarding Calibrus.



Moon Bear King Face

The Pawn Weaver begins as a large rug with the Moon Bear King's face sewn into it. When the fight begins, it transforms into a floating torso of a knight with a flaming axe and cape, also resembling a rug.


In his Moon Bear King form, he will call upon the aid of a few grubs. After the grubs are dead, he changes into his knight form. His long cape is his weakness. You must use your scissors to sever the cape to do damage to the Weaver. Unlike most bosses, this can be done at any point during the battle. Just watch out for his head and axe. His only attack is to swing his flaming axe a few inches above the ground. This can easily be avoided with a short jump.

After you sever the cape twice, the Weaver's cape will elongate to a larger size and set fire to its bottom corners. You must quickly scale the fabric and sever it yet again towards the top. When the task is completed, the Weaver will drop to the floor and few purple Soul Balloons will sprout from its head. Cut them all with Calibrus. If you fail to destroy all of the eyes, you will have to climb the long cape again to get the rest. Remember to destroy all the Soul Balloons every time you kill a weaver.