Pirate Head
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Kutaro With The Pirate Head

Found In

Moonshine Sea


Pirate's hook

One of the Four Heroes of the Moon's heads. It is filled with the power of the Pirate!


An honest pirate--in other words, an oxymoron--in the service of the moon goddess. He battled marauders and monsters alike, and heaped every doubloon he found on the goddess without a twinge of regret. Was he selfless? No, the lucky guy was just born into money already. most agree he was a hook claw addict.

His remains, in the form of a pirate's hook, was found by Kutaro among a hoard of treasure in the Jolly Lambham.


Gives Kutaro the power of the pirate's hook!, allowing him to pull enemies or objects toward him or to loosen certain things.