Moon Realm
Games Puppeteer (PS3)
Status Deceased
Locations Moon Realm

The Twelve Generals are leaders of the Moon Bear King's forces and are based on the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. They are also on the search for the Thief of Calibrus, Kutaro, on the tyrant's orders. Each General has a unique personality and not all of them are completely loyal to the Bear Tyrant, and follows him more out of their own personal gain.

Castle Grizzlestein

General Tiger Duties: guard the Black Castle, the Tyrant and follow his orders, which later includes making sure Kutaro doesn't get out with the Knight's Shield, and/or rescue the Sun Princess Pikarina, and finding and destroying Kutaro.


General Rat
Duties: Corrupt the entire Moonwood, and defeat Kutaro.

General Snake
Duties: Produce useful toxins, Destroy Kutaro (and the Moonwood if necessary).

Moonshine Sea

General Pig
General Sheep
Duties: pollute the Moonshine Sea with magic oil, and capture or destroy Kutaro.

Wild Waste

General Bull
General Horse
Duties: Pollute and the Wild Waste, and destroy Kutaro.

Halloween Ville

General Monkey
Duties: Build vital assets to assist the Tyrant's rule, control the Ville, spy on Kutaro, steal his collect moonstones pieces, assist in the Moon Clock plot, keep his moonstone piece away from Kutaro (if only to stall for time if necessary), and destroy Kutaro.

General Dog
General Robo Dog
Duties: assist General Monkey, destroy Kutaro.

Land of Time

General Rabbit
General Rooster
Duties: Conquer the Land of Time, find Mr. Pink to complete the Moon Clock plot, destroy Kutaro.

General Dragon
Duties: Collect the souls of Earth's children for the Moon Bear King, destroy Kutaro.


  • Although the game was advertised to have 13 major boss fights, (The twelve generals and the Moon Bear King). General Pig and Sheep are fought as one boss, meaning that there are only Twelve, though Robo-dog may count as a Major Boss.
  • The fights with some of the Generals seem to resemble each other in pairs. Tiger-Dog, Snake-Dragon, Horse-Rabbit, Rat-Rooster.
  • Despite the size, powers, or successes of some Generals like General Dragon, Snake, or Monkey, its mention that if General Bull and Horse weren't fighting each other and would work together they would be the most powerful and successful pair of all the Moon Bear King's Generals.
  • Despite them being dead, their child selves must most likely had survived and revived, and became good again like Little Bear. And it might possibly be after Kutaro went back home in Japan, the Moonstones being put together, or both.