Vile Vines
White Castle
Vile Vines entangling Castle Wax Wane.



Appear In

Puppeteer (Video Game)

"But Calibrus was bound fast by Vile Vines, the twisted offspring of the Moon Bear King's twisted magic"

Vile Vines are dark and twisted plant-like offspring of the Moon Bear King's dark magic. They are often found in Castle Grizzlestein, But they're all spread out through the Moon Kingdom from the same source, the Vile Vine Core.

Parts of the Vile Vine

Foul Flowers

Foul flower
The Foul Flowers were bulbs of the Vile Vines that fire at its enemies, especially puppets with magical scissors. However, a good shield is the perfect solution to these pesky plants.

Vile Vine Traps

Vile Vine versions of Venus fly traps, their naturally green with purple spikes and teeth. They serve as obstacles blocking your path. But giving them a bomb to chew on followed by a good pruning at its center will remove them from your merry way.