Wrestler Head
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Kutaro With The Wrestler Head

Found In

Wild Waste


Body Slam, Pull Object

One of the Four Heroes of the Moon's heads, filled with the power of the wrestler.


Wrestler Head is a red bull-like lucha libre mask with a horn.


An undefeated champion whose abs of steel we're matched by a heart of gold. He even gave his fight money to local orphanages. But then the tyrant broke his winning streak and stripped him of his power. His pride broken, the wrestler ate and drank himself into debt, fell out with the crowd, and died a heel.

His remains in the form of a cow skull, was founded by Kutaro in the middle of wild west.


With the power of the wrestler, Kutaro can use super strength to pull or push objects that has a handle. He can also perform a Body Slam to flatter anything beneath him and depending on how high you are when performing a slam, it can become a Super Body Slam, a slam that has more oomph than the regular body slam.